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Does it really matter if I train my pet?

At Laurendale we see many many dogs who have been trained since they entered there owners lives. This training can be as little as sitting at the back door before being allowed into the house or giving a paw for a treat. Training gives a dog a sense of belongiong and purpose, it is a way for you and your pet to communicate on a level that an untrained dog will never be able to. A dog that is trained to listen and respond to certain instructions is less likely to be an unruly tearaway around the house. Training instills a certain level of discipline that maikes many dogs feel secure in there environment. I would always recommend starting training early with any dog that enters your life, not only will it give you a huge sense of pride when walking down your local high street but it will confirm a bond between you and your dog that will last a lifetime. If you have any questions about training please call into our store and talk to one of us about our experiences with our own dogs.

Is it okay for my pet to have free range of my home?

This is a question that creates debate whenever it is asked! Dogs need a secure space that belongs to them. A cage or a comfy bed away from the hustle and bustle of a busy house, a place they can feel safe and secure, a place that only they use. A dog that has this space tends to be a more secure and well mannered pet. By all means allow your dog to go anywhere he or she wants and you are happy with but be aware that when a dog is on it's own during the day the ability to go into every room, onto every bed and under every chair can lead to nervousness and anxiety in even the most secure of dogs. Many dogs when left alone will spend a long time searching for company and when its not found they can become upset. Better to give them a space that is there own and while you are out restrict where they have access to. Most dogs will then cuddle up with a familiar toy or blanket and wait for you to come home.

Is all pet food the same?

Maybe in the early 70s!! now however the choice of foods is enormous not just flavours but also the nutritional quality of dog foods varies enormously. It maybe tempting to feed your dog on a supermarket own brand but unfortunately many of these brands have been designed to appeal to your dogs taste buds rather than being overly concerened with the quality of the raw ingredients or nutritional value. You wouldn't normally feed fast food to your kids every day but unfortunately many dog foods are no better than that and can cause real problems with skin and coat condition as well as allergies and temperament changes. Talk to an expert who wants the best for your pet, someone who wants you to have a long and healthy life without joint or obesity problems.

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