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New miniature employee

27- Feb 2020

Some of you may have noticed a smaller than usual human, bathing and drying dogs since the summer holidays have started. Don't worry, your eyes aren't decieving you and she isnt a long way away lol. Alex is off to high school in September and has decided to spend a couple of days a week earning some pocket money. So far no complaints from me apart from the extra time taken cuddling and fussing your dogs. She want you all to know she loves them all and is happy to accept tips!!

15 years in business

July 2020

It seems unbelievable that just before lockdown our little business was 15yrs old. A lot has happened in that time, not least adding a third child to the stable, Alex has never seen us work anywhere else and she's lived in the same house all her life. In September she's off to high school!! how many of you remember Lisa pregnant or meeting Alex for the first time? Over the years we have had thousands of customers, some who shopped with us from day one right up until now and others who came and went as habits and pets changed. Sadly we have lost a few of our 4 legged customers in that time all of which left a hole in there owners lives. We have weathered a few business storms, not least the latest Covid pandemic but we are still here enjoying seeing you all and feeding your pets. Thank you so much to everyone who visits our store and keeps us going it is always much appreciated.

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