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Hairy Dog Treats? The perfect non chemical wormer.

FUR and YOUR DOGS DIET Take a look at these beautiful (bit creepy) naturally furry dog treats we are currently stocking. Not only are all these treats delicious, a great source of protein and fibre but did you know how incredible they are as a natural wormer for your dogs? Fur is undigestible so as your dog starts chewing it goes to work, first naturally flossing and cleaning your dogs teeth, then it brushes through the digestive tract and clears away food residue. Over time undigested food builds up and begins to make your dog sluggish and lethargic. Clearing this away kick starts the dogs digestive system. As the fur makes its way through your dogs intestines it brushes against and catches worm eggs and larvae, these are then dispelled in the poop. Does your dog scoot? dragging his bottom against carpet or rough ground is a sure sign of either worms or Anal glands that are full and are uncomfortable. A dog needs firm stools to press against these glands so that they naturally empty when he poos. If your dog has soft poo then this pressure is missing and the glands fill. Feeding hairy treats at least once a week helps bind the poo and make it firmer, imagine straw mixed into mud!

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