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Pet Owner Services

How Can We Help You?

Owning a pet adds love and purpose to your life; but it’s natural to encounter a few challenges along the way. Caring for your animals - whether they’re birds, fish, dogs or cats - begins the moment you make them a part of your home. At Laurendale Pet Products, we offer a number of products for a new pet owner and are always here to offer help and advice so your adjustment goes smoothly we want to help you to take great care of your pets.

Pet Nutrition Advice

Pet Nutrition Advice

Strong Vitality

Ensuring your pet gets the proper Pet Nutrition Advice that he or she needs is important — and we make it easy here at Laurendale Pet Products. Lisa is always happy to discuss your pets dietary needs and to offer advice whether you are a new owner with a puppy or have just rescued your first cat. Please call in and we will be happy to try and give you all the advice you need, free samples are often available in store.

Pet Grooming

Stay Healthy

To make sure your pet lives the good life at all times, enquire about our Pet Grooming services. Giving your pet the star treatment is what Laurendale Pet Products is all about! Give us a call anytime to learn more about this great service; but please remember to book well in advance since available spaces do fill up quickly.

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