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Our Transparent Policies

We want to make sure every visit to Laurendale Pet Products is a safe and stress free event. That’s why we’ve developed a clear store policy outlining everything you need to know about how we operate. Please read on to find out how we provide the best customer experience for our loyal shoppers. If you have any more questions, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.
Please wear a protective mask when entering the store. The vast majority of our local customers can be described as being in the group vulnerable to Covid 19, and we would appreciate it if you would be able to think of them when visiting. We take every care to ensure the welfare of your dogs when they are left here for us to groom. Lauren, our full time groomer will look after your dog as if it is her own and will ensure it is safe. We will take your dog from you when you arrive for your appointment and he or she can wait in a comfortable dog crate while the bath is running. All dogs are bathed and dried before being groomed. Unlike many groomers you may have visited or used in the past we are proud to groom in full view of all our customers. Saying that, we really don't encourage owners to wait and watch, it can become quite stressful for your dog as all they ideally want to do is get off the table and go home with you. Although we don't want you to wait and watch we are always delighted to video your dog being groomed so you can see how they are during the process. We can email photos or videos at your request no problem.

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